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This is our story


Motivity Video Production | Grand Rapids | About Us

This is our story


motivity means producing motion.

We listen to your story.  And then we put your story in motion.  Motivity Pictures is an all-inclusive video production company based in Grand Rapids. We will create video content that tells your story and explains to your audience why what you do matters. Using video is the most impactful and cost effective method to generate new leads, attract new employees, and increase revenue.  We can handle a project directly with your business or work side by side with your marketing firm. The process of taking concepts and making them a visual reality is what excites us. No project is to small or too big. We will work inside of any budget. 




David Eggerichs


Starting Motivity Pictures in 2007 has led to incredible adventures and opportunities to tell others stories. David has been fortunate enough to film elite cyclists in the formerly war torn country of Rwanda; traveled the world with one of the greatest golfers of all time, namely Bubba Watson;  and had the opportunity to point his camera at Shaquille O'Neil while he did a commercial for Zales.

David loves Grand Rapids and thinks it has been fantastic to see all of the growth.  He is blessed to be creating videos for so many growing local businesses.

David believes that everyone's story matters and using video is the best way to tell that story and share it. 


Mark Bykerk


Mark grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan and attended Grand Valley State University where he received a B.S. in Film and Video Production. Throughout his college years, he worked as a videographer and participated in an internship through WGVU. His passion for working in the film industry stems from being able to hear and tell the unique, thought-provoking, and impacting stories of people from every walk of life.

"Stories don’t have a middle or an end any more. They usually have a beginning that never stops beginning." -Steven Spielberg


Troy Spoelma

Filming & Editing

Troy is attending Grand Valley State University and studies graphic design. Through an internship he was exposed to photography and videography and has been dabbling with the two ever since. Using his knowledge from art school of composition, hierarchy, and the Gestalt principles, he strives to create shots that are aesthetically pleasing and captivating to the eye.

Troy hopes to combine graphic design, video, and other forms of art to create a portfolio of multimedia projects. But for now he dreams of surfing at sunset and driving foreign cars down highway 101.

some companies we've worked with


Some of the things they've said

Robert Antonini - Real Estate Agent


Motivity Pictures is the finest film making company in West Michigan, let alone the Country. David's travels have taken him to many States as his Reputation for Quality & Unique film making is something you can expect. He did an amazing job for me and there is no question he is my Video Company for as long as I am in Business.

Sherry Kaplan - Renewal Planning


David is a unique package of real talent. He has a cinematographer's eye, a keen sense of how to get a person to relax and laugh, as well as keep someone's story interesting and authentic. We spent a day together and he felt family by the end of that day. That mix of utter professionalism, friendliness and humor is a rare combination. We cannot recommend David enough!

Tim Vanderploeg - Henkel


David and the team at Motivity are truly passionate about their work and it shows in the outstanding quality they deliver. Not only do they provide high quality, polished work, but they set themselves apart with their ability to tell stories compellingly through film while never sacrificing authenticity. I cannot wait to work with Motivity again.